The Pros And Cons Of Hyperhidrosis Surgery

Read An Opinion On: How Is Excessive Sweating Treated The Pros and Cons of Hyperhidrosis Surgery By Tim F Clark Medical treatment for hyperhidrosis typically involves careful assessment by a qualified dermatologist. At first the dermatologist may prescribe lotions or powders to try and mitigate the profuse sweating of the palms and/or underarms. The surgical […]

Lasik Eye Surgery In Huntsville, Al Can Help You See More Clearly

Read An Opinion On: Hyperhidrosis Sweaty Palms byadmin Also referred to as laser assisted in-situ keratomileusis, LASIK is an eye procedure that uses a cool laser to reshape the cornea. A person who opts to undergo this procedure should be in good health. The surgery, which only takes from five to ten minutes, can make […]