byAlma Abell

Kansas dental patients experiencing difficulties with their wisdom teeth may require removal surgery. To make this distinction, they should visit their preferred dentist promptly. Their dentist can make other assessments, including determining if they are at a higher than average risk of complications. If you’re experiencing significant pain, you should contact a dental promptly for Wisdom Tooth Removal in Wichita KS.

Examining Wisdom Teeth Removal Surgery

During the procedure, the dentist administers a local anesthetic. Unless the patient is receiving removal surgery all at once, it is not likely that the patient is sedated. In most cases, the patient undergoes one exaction at a time. The procedure is performed in the dentist’s office. However, patients who are at risk of potential complications must receive this surgery in a hospital.

Potential Risks Associated With the Surgery

Conditions that are possible after this surgery could include pain or swelling within the surgery site. Dry socket occurs when the extraction area becomes inflamed. If you experience numbness or your mouth or excessive bleeding twenty-four hours after the surgery, you should contact your dental professional.

More severe conditions include a fractured jaw, injury to the sinus cavity, and numbness that doesn’t diminish. If you experience any of these complications, you should notify your dentist. Any numbness that doesn’t diminish over time could also indicate complications.

Why It Is Performed

Wisdom Tooth Removal in Wichita KS is performed most often due to an inability to clean these teeth and prevent conditions that could cause gum disease or tooth loss. When the teeth become impacted, they present a higher risk of infection and pain. As these teeth try to erupt passed the gum line, bacteria and food could leak into these areas. In severe cases, cysts may develop.

Extraction is necessary when conditions are present that could hinder your overall oral health. Patients who are in their late teens or early twenties should undergo this surgery to prevent the potential for complications. According to studies, patients over the age of thirty who don’t receive this procedure could develop complications. If you’re experiencing difficulties due to your wisdom teeth, you should contact Wichita Pediatric Dentistry Service today.