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3 Ways To Assess Whether Solar Energy Is Right For Your Home

By | January 22, 2019

byAlma Abell

There’s no doubt that the use of solar energy is efficient and, quite frankly, scientifically incredible. However, before you pursue this awesome technology for your personal use, there are a few crucial points to consider.

  1. First, assess your needs and ask yourself exactly why you are considering the use of solar energy. Are you hoping to power all the energy needs of your home or to help provide excess energy for the surrounding area to reduce the maximum amount of energy waste? Or are you hoping to accomplish a smaller task, such as heating your pool? Different types of solar installation will help you to achieve your personal needs for your Bay Area home, so make sure that you understand your goals so that you can choose the right system for you!

  2. Approximate how much usable solar energy is available for your home. Since the amount of power a solar energy system can generate depends entirely on how much of the sun’s energy reaches your system, take into account the direction your roof is facing, the amount of shade from nearby trees, and the usable hours of sunlight your system will see to each day.

  3. The U.S. Department of Energy also suggests a couple of basic questions to ask yourself about your current living situation before you proceed too far into pursuing Bay Area solar installation. Will your roof need to be replaced soon? If so, this should be your priority over the installation of a solar energy system. Also, double-check to ensure that you will not be violating any neighborhood or Homeowners’ Association restrictions before proceeding to solar installation.

Once you fully understand your motivations for solar energy and know that it makes sense for your home monetarily and according to the law, get ready for your world to change with the power of renewable energy.

Mlm Training How To Add Business Builders To Your Downline}

By | June 9, 2018

Submitted by: Tim Sales

So you’ve been successful at selling your MLM product but you know that the real success and income comes when you add others to your downline that will in turn add others to theirs and so on and so forth. Read this MLM training tip and you will be on your way to adding business builders to your downline!!

I’m having trouble sponsoring people who actually do something. I haven’t sponsored 1 business builder. My sponsor says I’m not talking to enough people, I’m not talking to the right people – those with a big enough why, or I’m not connecting emotionally to people. So, that’s great but how do I correct this? I’m selling lots of product but not building a team… what can I do? Shay

Hello Shay, thank you for your question.

If I may clarify, I believe Shay’s real question is: How do I find business builders?

Shay has come up with possible reasons for the lack of business builders sponsored into the team: Not talking to enough people, not talking to the right people and not connecting emotionally with people. My guess on the “not connecting emotionally with people” has to do with not inspiring someone (with words) to go after their dreams.

Alright, let me help all of you by sharing some MLM training tips that will answer Shay’s question.

Not talking to enough people and not talking to the right people is ALWAYS the network marketing industry’s reason for everything. It might be in your case, I don’t know as I don’t know how many people you talk to. I’ll give you the guide lines and you decide if you’re talking to enough people.

YouTube Preview Image

In my MLM training I recommend a product called Pocket Tracker to measure your productivity. Using this product correctly, you should be scoring no less than 40 points per day as a part-time person and 100 per day as a full time person.

When you talk to people using the Inviting Formula below, which is a sequence to invite your prospect to look at either your business or product;

1. Greet

2. Qualify

3. Invite

4. Close to action

5. Handle questions/objections

6. Follow up/follow through

you will Qualify them in the 2nd step. In the qualify step you’re finding out what the prospect needs/wants or doesn’t want. A vital part of your MLM training is learning the ability to “inspire” someone based on what you have discovered your prospect’ needs, wants or doesn’t want.

For you to sponsor the “right” people has to do with the qualifing step also. It’s in this step that you determine if they qualify to do the business and if you want to help them – this is how you sponsor the right people.

Whether or not you build business builders or not (notice I didn’t say “find” business builders) has to do with how effective your MLM training is. When you say “I haven’t sponsored 1 business builder”, that leads me to think that you may be thinking these people are found instead of built. I’m not saying you can make a business builder out of EVERYONE, but I am saying that business builders are built.

Through all the above I have basically – and on purpose – changed your question to something that is solvable.

How do you build a business builder?

1. Qualify people and make sure they have something they really want to achieve.

2. Sponsor them and immediately get them on Pocket Tracker to determine what they can’t do well. This is explained in detail on the CD that comes with Pocket Tracker.

3. Work with them on THAT thing they can’t do well, until they can do it well. Have them continue with Pocket Tracker until you locate the next thing they can’t do well. Work with them on THAT until they can do that well also. Continue until they can do all the steps of Pocket Tracker.

4. They will be inspired – not because you spoke poetry to them, but because you showed them (through their eyes) that they could do it.

5. Congratulations, you have “found” a business builder.

Make sure you take the time to re-read this MLM training tip and learn from it. Building a your business and adding other business builders to your MLM business is the key to reaching the your goals.

About the Author: Tim Sales helps network marketers gain the skills necessary to be successful in MLM. His MLM training is based on his personal success of building a downline of 56,000 people. Instantly access Tims free MLM training and learn the steps to achieve success at


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Learn To Make Crochet Flower Beginner Crochet Tutorial On Flower Crocheting

By | April 2, 2018

By Jennifer Walter

What come to your mind when you hear the word flowers, yes splendid colors mixed in one and refreshing to say the least. Be it real flowers that grow in your garden on the the neighborhood park or even artificial ones that are available in multiple colors and also prints.

With all the different colors and aura they come with can help lighten the mood of the most distressed too. Flowers lighten my mood too. And the fact that I know crocheting it allows me to make stupendous craft things with flower theme like fashion accessories for my beautiful daughter, which she can wear outdoors, and hat pins as well. Such designer flowers are rather easy to craft provided you have knowledge of Crochet.

If you can find time to surf the net you will be able to find website that provide online tutorial for easy crochet flower. There are many websites or blogs out there on the internet which should provide you great content and tips on this subject alone.

Here I shall teach you how you can make a simple yet attractive crochet flower.

YouTube Preview Image

You can start with a plain crochet hook and 2-3 colors of yarn. Why yarn? This thing can be made with threads too but I simply prefer yarn. Ensure that the dimension of the yarn is fitting well with hook size. Take your first color and use chain six.

Revert to chain number one and do a dc and next go to chain two. Do this time and again and put all these into chain number one. You have eight spokes in hand. Attach the circle with sl st in chain number 3 at your left (this is chain 3 from first spoke) Now build (sc, ch 1, 2 dc, ch 1, sc) and then attach all arches you have made. In this way you learnt to make a petal.

Do this in all eight arches and this will give you your 1st flower. Attach a sl st with 1st sc on the 1st petal. Rotate the flower. Pick another color of your choice, and then create a slipknot and place a crochet hook beneath the color spoke and then draw the 2nd color yarn through.

You are left with two stitches on the hook, draw the hook besides to create one. Chain number six & work a dc through subsequent spoke, chains number three. Redo this dc, chain number three on every spoke. Now create a sl st through 3rd chain of the 1st row that you have already done.

Now turn it to its flip side on right hand side. Place the 1st color petals a little ahead and then do (sc, chain 1, 3 dc, chain 1, sc) above every arch. Put together sl st through 1st sc. Cast off.

With this your flower is prepared. Applying similar steps you can create 2,3,4 or even 5 with have different or similar colors. With every new whirls the flower size will grow bigger. So make one the way that you really want to do.

About the Author: Find great deal of free information on

how to create crochet pattern

and tutorials on

how to crochet a simple afghan

at, the most popular crocheting portal by expert author and crafter, Jennifer Walter.


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Determining A Faulty Air Conditioning Compressor: Air Conditioner Repair In Waldorf, Md

By | March 17, 2018

byAlma Abell

Serving as a crucial component for your air conditioner’s operation, a compressor is the core piece in the circulation of refrigerant. The improper functioning of this piece results in a lack of cold air. You don’t have to be a professional to spot the signs of a faulty compressor, but you should know when it’s time to call for backup. There are warning symptoms that become apparent when it’s time to call for air conditioner repair in Waldorf, MD.

YouTube Preview Image

Symptoms of a Failing Compressor

A tell-tale sign of a faulty compressor is when the air produced from the air conditioner is no longer cold. No matter how many times the air conditioner is turned off to thaw, the air never returns to its once ice-like state. If the air coming out of the air conditioner is warm or room temperature, it may be time to call for air conditioner repair. Putting off compression replacement and continuing use of your air conditioner will result in a burnt-out air conditioner that’s far too gone to fix.

Another audible sign that a compressor is failing is when the air conditioner grows louder upon turning on. Inside an air conditioner, a compressor uses bearings to move. When the compressor is failing, the bearings begin to stop working, causing the piece of equipment to create loud noises. Squealing or grinding are just some of the noises the broken compressor can produce when it’s time to call an air conditioning repair shop.

Immobile Compressor Clutch

One of the last but most prominent signs of a faulty compressor is when the clutch isn’t moving inside. This clutch is what delegates the pulley to supply the compressor with power when it needs it. Early diagnosis of the problem can save the compressor from a complete replacement, but the clutch will need to be taken out. When the air conditioner is used too much with a broken clutch, the entire compressor will need to be replaced. Contacting a professional before it’s too late will allow you to prepare financially for air conditioner repairs.