By Jennifer Walter

What come to your mind when you hear the word flowers, yes splendid colors mixed in one and refreshing to say the least. Be it real flowers that grow in your garden on the the neighborhood park or even artificial ones that are available in multiple colors and also prints.

With all the different colors and aura they come with can help lighten the mood of the most distressed too. Flowers lighten my mood too. And the fact that I know crocheting it allows me to make stupendous craft things with flower theme like fashion accessories for my beautiful daughter, which she can wear outdoors, and hat pins as well. Such designer flowers are rather easy to craft provided you have knowledge of Crochet.

If you can find time to surf the net you will be able to find website that provide online tutorial for easy crochet flower. There are many websites or blogs out there on the internet which should provide you great content and tips on this subject alone.

Here I shall teach you how you can make a simple yet attractive crochet flower.


You can start with a plain crochet hook and 2-3 colors of yarn. Why yarn? This thing can be made with threads too but I simply prefer yarn. Ensure that the dimension of the yarn is fitting well with hook size. Take your first color and use chain six.

Revert to chain number one and do a dc and next go to chain two. Do this time and again and put all these into chain number one. You have eight spokes in hand. Attach the circle with sl st in chain number 3 at your left (this is chain 3 from first spoke) Now build (sc, ch 1, 2 dc, ch 1, sc) and then attach all arches you have made. In this way you learnt to make a petal.

Do this in all eight arches and this will give you your 1st flower. Attach a sl st with 1st sc on the 1st petal. Rotate the flower. Pick another color of your choice, and then create a slipknot and place a crochet hook beneath the color spoke and then draw the 2nd color yarn through.

You are left with two stitches on the hook, draw the hook besides to create one. Chain number six & work a dc through subsequent spoke, chains number three. Redo this dc, chain number three on every spoke. Now create a sl st through 3rd chain of the 1st row that you have already done.

Now turn it to its flip side on right hand side. Place the 1st color petals a little ahead and then do (sc, chain 1, 3 dc, chain 1, sc) above every arch. Put together sl st through 1st sc. Cast off.

With this your flower is prepared. Applying similar steps you can create 2,3,4 or even 5 with have different or similar colors. With every new whirls the flower size will grow bigger. So make one the way that you really want to do.

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