Types of Spine Surgery


craniospinalcenterYour back works hard to keep you moving and enjoying your favorite activities, and sometimes that hard work can result in accidental injury or in damage over time. The top spine surgeons in Malibu can help you move around better with less pain and improve your quality of life. There are several different types of spine surgery which will be used to treat varying conditions and will have different risks, benefits and recovery times. The more you know about your surgery before you go in, the more confident you can be in the results. Choosing a surgeon can be more a matter of insurance and recommendations than anything else, but it is important to ask questions about the procedure and your diagnosis when you go in.

Common Diagnoses


Top spine surgeons in Malibu will start by confirming the diagnosis of your primary care physician by reviewing your test results or he or she will start by testing you and making a diagnosis from there. Not every cause of back pain will need to be addressed with surgery, but some will need to. Common diagnoses which usually require surgery include nerve or spine compression, unstable spine elements and spinal deformations. The surgeries used in these cases include spinal decompression, spinal fusion, and specialty surgeries such as scoliosis surgery. Your surgeon will be able to tell you which, if any, surgery is the best for your case and what that surgery will entail. Your primary doctor can refer you to a surgeon who has had experience with cases like yours so you can have additional questions answered and your surgery scheduled.

Common Risks and Benefits

Spine surgery Malibu will come with different risks and benefits depending on your specific case. Some of the more common risks for spine surgery include reaction to anesthesia, infection and blood clots which are also risks for other types of surgery. Some of the benefits include having less pain and more energy, increased range of mobility and decreased need for pain medications. Your surgeon can give you a list of risks and benefits which is more tailored to your case to help you make the best decision possible about moving forward with treatment. During your initial appointment with your surgeon, you will have the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have about the procedure, other treatment options and even aftercare.

The top spine surgeons in Malibu can help you reduce your pain level and increase your activity. There are different types of spine surgery depending on your diagnosis and most surgeons will be able to use the newest methods to help you. Common risks from surgery include blood clots while common benefits include an increased range of mobility and a decreased need for pain medications. Because each person’s medical history is unique, it is a good idea to ask your general practitioner and surgeon as many questions as you can before the surgery. You can ask your surgeon specifics on the surgery that you need during your consultation and learn about any risks you are more likely to get than others.

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