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Tom Harkin’s feedback directed at John McCain are offensive and unacceptable. Harkin feels military men, with their military backgrounds, are hazardous for this region. Several of us disagree. We believe these courageous guys make our country secure.Are five massive males walking late at evening the target of thieves? Or is the lone elderly gentleman the target? Is it the huge child towering more than everyone in the school property who is bullied? We have laws, nearby, national, worldwide. But for people who are so inclined, the laws don’t make a difference. We need to have far more.People in the military have long served this nation and its individuals well. They have preserved our values, created it a haven for guys and females from across the globe. In which would we be without these males of courage and strength, Washington, Grant, Theodore Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy, Johnson? These have been men who considered in the values that set our nation apart from the rest of the globe, who felt responsible for defending the values, guys whose final ambitions included peace, but not at any cost?If it had been not for Ulysses F. Grant, what would have been the probable scenarios. Would it have been a divided The united states, the south with slavery, the north, no cost? Then what would have transpired? What about the Innovative War. without Common Washington to lead the struggling troops below unbearable problems to victory? For how much longer would the British aristocracy managed this vast country of ours, bowing to the Queen, bowing to her offspring, and deferring to people with the titles of Lord and Woman?Could we envision Europe and the United states if we had not won the 2nd globe War? Ethnic and religious minorities as well as people with bodily impairments would have been systematically exterminated. The requirements Hitler utilized, after ethnic cleansing, had to do with color of eyes, color of hair, color of pores and skin, height, and other bodily characteristic. Brown eyes, dark hair, brief, meant sterilization or even worse.Why did Hitler invade Poland, Yugoslavia, the Netherlands? Not simply because he perceived their power. The listing of courageous males is available for all to see, and I’ve picked a couple of for this report. (However, the listing is much extended. See your preferred encyclopedia.)

Common George Washington, overcome, the Innovative Wa

Basic Andrew Jackson, overcome, the Innovative Wa


Common Ulysses S. Grant, overcome, Civil Wa

Main Harry Truman, fight, discipline artillery, WWI

Basic Eisenhower, Supreme Allied Commander, WWII

Lieutenant John F, Kennedy, fight WWII, Purple Heart

Commander Lyndon Johnson, USNavy, overcome WWII

Lt. Junior Grade George H.W. Bush, fight WWII, youngest pilot in US Navy in the course of WWII (age 19) Distinguished Company Cross

Somestudying of historical past is required by Harkin to substantiate his remarks. Can he display us that these military males produced fertile floor for wars? Totally not. The contrary is true. The perception of your enemies is what issues. Effortless targets grow to be targets. The vulnerable are the targets, always, no matter whether it’s bullying in the classroom, grabbing your wallet, theft from men and women, residences, ships, or nations. Do the present pirates assault a warship?If you look to be weak, on your own, vulnerable, unable to defend oneself, you are a target. Somebody will get benefit of you in some way. It is correct of men and women and it really is true of countries. We need our military guys with their courage and their dedication.

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