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In domestic market, the basic stability of urea mainstream local area still slowly downward trend. Shandong, hebei, henan area market remains insipid, compared with the mainstream quotation no obvious changes yesterday, but there may be some high-end price decline. Currently in shandong province mainstream ex-works 1500-1530 yuan/ton, hebei area 1500 yuan/ton, henan region to pin the mainstream 1550 – ones1,580yuan/ton, low 1520 yuan/ton. Now the whole deal in southwest China, YunGuiChuan manufacturers offer performance, but the basic stability of chongqing manufacturers in quotation. Currently in yunnan region offers high low head is very big still, low 1650 yuan/ton, high-end in 1800 yuan/ton, but the market prices of chaos proof of small quantity of goods market, Currently in sichuan province and pin 1670-17 mainstream yuan/ton, guizhou and pin 1700 mainstream yuan/ton, outside sends in 1600 yuan/ton, chongqing area in producer prices for basic 16-165 yuan/ton. Export tariffs, shandong province etc parts manufacturers begin negotiating with current export orders, high of $250 per ton port in the offshore quotation, issued by the customs to 7% of domestic ports 157 – price should reach ones1,580yuan/ton, shandong area near the harbour some distance from the manufacturer has made the export order. Other price in international urea continues to rise, if current rising to keep 1-2 weeks, China export will be urea larger space. But considering the current port and more than 100 tons of urea waiting for export, so the short-term manufacturer in new export orders may not many. Although overall comprehensive, the market is still depression in July, but the agricultural market and exported to domestic market is still hopeful of formation of urea market, so you should not drive too pessimistic.


Hebei area mainstream factory offers at 1510 yuan/ton. Start the basic normal manufacturer, the main products supply in the market, the overall sales, clinch a few outside sends case still insipid, manufacturers offer temporarily stable production of urea granules currently offer generally in the factory 1500-1530 yuan/ton, mostly between the actual transaction in 1490 – at 1510 yuan/ton.



Henan region to pin factory mainstream offer 1560 yuan/ton. Start the basic normal manufacturer, the main products supply in the market, the overall sales, clinch a deal less outside sends situation and market basically stable. Current mainstream factory offers 1520 – ones1,580yuan/ton, individual high-end in 1600 yuan/ton, the actual transaction price is slightly higher than the city in northern regions.


Shandong area mainstream factory offers 1530 yuan/ton. Section is still in the production status, manufacturers, and now the whole starts a main products supply in the market, the whole situation, clinch a deal the price improvement of mainstream, current quotation at 1510-155 factory factory yuan/ton, the actual transaction individual manufacturer in southern 1550 yuan/ton, other manufacturers in 1500-1530 yuan/ton.


Sichuan region mainstream Reynolds factory offers yuan/ton. Individual companies are in the production and maintenance, gas supply, other manufacturers tension, generally also starts a main products supply market circumstance, the whole province softness, clinch a deal the price basically stable mainstream. Currently offer ordinary urea mainstream brands factory 1670-170 yuan/ton, low outside sends 1630 yuan/ton.


Chongqing area mainstream factory offers 1620 yuan/ton. By gas supply, general factory tension starts, product supply of local market, part of yunnan, sichuan, by comparing outside sends such regions, the overall situation, clinch a deal the price performance, the current mainstream fall modestly factory factory offers 1600-165 yuan/ton.

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