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The manufacturing business has changed over the past s when certain timepiece makers in Switzerland created what are now called Swiss screw machines.

The Original Intent

Swiss screw machines were made with a singular purpose in mind. They were to provide parts for the Swiss watch manufacturing industry. Previously, the need for the watches was not being matched by the production of required parts. The watchmakers required a solution that would provide them with the same precise parts but at a higher volume of production.

Swiss Screw Machines Branch Out

The newly developed machines began to mass produce small and miniature parts for the watch trade. The employers of the machines soon noticed they were also quite adaptable to other types of parts. In particular, they could be used in the manufacturer of long and slender components. As a result, Swiss screw machines began to be utilized in the production of other industries. They were not longer strictly for employment in the watch trade.

Over time, the machines evolved into precise machining tools. The result has been the development of two different types of Swiss Screw machines. These are:

The Automatic Swiss Screw Machine – The type is often called Cam operated since it works with a disc cam. It also requires a collet to fix the piece of work in place.

The CNC Swiss Screw Machine – This is the latest adaptation of the screw machine. It relies on the advancements made in technology to operate it precisely and from a distance with little human interference. The CNC stands for Computer Numerical Controlled.

A Long and Fruitful Road

Since its first appearance in the 1800s, the Swiss screwing machine has changed. It has stretched its usage far beyond the original application – creating small, precise watch parts. It has been adopted and adapted for various manufacturing purposes. Today, it is found performing in a wide variety of fields. They range from aerospace to general metal working. Swiss screwing machines are here to stay. The use of CNC has ensured they have become part of an increasing use of the latest computer technology in the manufacturing business.

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