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If tough times have left you cutting back on luxuries recently, chances are you re not alone. But the smartest people are the ones who have come up with creative solutions which allow them to still have what they want without breaking the bank. Take, for example, the ever-elusive dream car. Everyone has one probably the same car you ve been dreaming about since you were 15. Believe it or not, even if your finances aren t perfect, it s possible to get your hands on that car you ve always wanted. It just takes a little creative thinking and some effort.

Finding a Rebuildable Car

By checking out rebuildable cars for sale on auction, you can find diamonds in the rough that, with the right amount of elbow grease, can be restored to almost new condition. If you re new to the idea of rebuildable cars, here s what they re about. Generally, when a car is deemed totaled by an insurance company, it doesn t necessarily mean they are never going to be drivable again. In fact, the general rule set by insurance companies is that if the vehicle repairs will cost more than 70-75 percent of the car s value at the time, it is considered totaled. These cars are then tagged with a salvage title. From there, these vehicles can be found and purchased through salvage car auctions and rebuilt to become perfectly useful, reliable cars.


If you re thinking of buying one of these vehicles, there are several places to find rebuildable cars for sale. If you live in a highly-populated area, chances are that you ll be able to find a few in-person auctions near you to attend. While these are decent options, if you re a first time attendee, you may find that there is a certain amount of pressure that comes with these physical auctions, and this can become overwhelming if you don t know what you re doing. A better option is an online auction at Auto Bid Master. Besides allowing you to relax, these auctions provide you the freedom to search on your own timeline, as well as provide a much better selection of vehicles.

Rebuildable Car Auctions Online

You can also check out online salvages car sites. Online rebuildable car auctions have a great selection of rebuildable cars for sale, and also give you a plethora of helpful search filters such as make, model, year, title type, and even vehicle history, so you can be sure that you find exactly the right vehicle to fit your needs.

Also, for beginners and seasoned professionals alike, sites that sell salvaged cars often have many brands and models available, so if you dont have a specific car in mind, you can just pick up a car thats at a great price, and rebuild it to sell for profit.

When it comes to parts to fix up your future dream car, you could go with common all-purpose auction sites like EBay, but online salvage auctions specifically dedicated to rebuildable cars are also a great place to go, offering more expert advice and better selection. For more rare parts, you may need to watch the new auction listings often. If you arent a dealer, be sure to get a buyers account at an auction site like Auto Bid Master, which is powered by Copart.

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