Submitted by: Chuck Magee

Have you got land for sale in Louisiana, but haven t listed it because you aren t sure about the economy and whether this is the right time or not? If so, you aren t alone. And for the record, there is no better time than now to list your land for sale in Louisiana.

I imagine everyone with land for sale in Louisiana is concerned about whether the time is right or not to market your land. Because of the changing of the guard in Washington, the President will have the political change that is necessary to extend the Bush tax cuts. This by itself is not going to fix the economy. No one thing is going to fix it. But is will be a step in the right direction. Most people probably are not aware that there is at least two trillion dollars sitting on the side line with wealthy people ready to invest but are waiting to see what the rules of the game are with the tax issues going on with those investments. That is a lot of money. I said trillion! That much money may not fix the economy but it will help with the land for sale in Louisiana.


Want to know if this is the right time to list your land? I say yes! I will give you a few reasons why. First I say Why not? Find you a good aggressive realtor and put him to work for you! Don t go with one because he says he is aggressive. Do your homework and ask questions of the realtor and others that know him. Ask about their advertising plan. Where do they advertise? Ask to see a list. Question how many tracts of land they have for sale in Louisiana. Sometimes if they have too many tracts and the others are larger tracts than yours, yours might get pushed to the back burner for the larger ones. If you are one facebook you can get online and ask your friends if they have used the realtor you are thinking about going with. Get the realtor to give you a good honest value for the land you have for sale in Louisiana. Do this no matter what the price is that you want on the Louisiana real estate you have for sale. If comparable sales are not there, you will not complete the sale.

It s time to get the process started. Start with doing your homework. Here are a few more reasons to sell your land now. There might not be as many out there shopping for land; however, you stand a better chance of your realtor finding you someone with good credit. You won t have as many looking but the ones that are probably have the down payment and can finance.

Regardless of how bad the buyer wants your property, you can t sell without financing. Check out your realtor and make sure they have a good relationship with lending companies, such as South Farm Credit of Louisiana. They are very aggressive lenders. I feel that over the next eighteen months the economy will get better and you will see that there is no better time to sell your land for sale in Louisiana than right now!

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