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Can a MAC get a virus? Initially, you might think that MAC can never be corrupted by viruses. By listening to some MAC supporters, they’d surely get you to believe that this operating system is too good to get one. The truth is, you can find viruses created to damage MAC. For instance, MAC was hit by Trojan virus way back in 2006. Whatever may be possible for any computer genius, they’re able to obtain the most dynamic software as well as the most damaging program throughout the computer history.

For people who use computers, one of the things that will strike you senses is the existence of harmful elements which can ruin your computer system. Apple Macintosh users are more unlikely to obtain viruses compare with Microsoft Windows. Actually, there are some MAC users who don t even install anti-virus security program. Well, this may not be the right thing to try. Still you ought to be guarded as MAC isn’t really completely resistant to viruses.

Now it is understandable that any personal computer which operates a software is vulnerable to find viruses, which has no exclusion. Why don’t we go further to discover some explanations on why can a MAC get a virus at way less chances when compared with some other operating systems. Firstly, Microsoft Windows are used by a bigger percentage of computer users than MAC. Secondly, MAC is based in the Unix kernel which has been deemed as the oldest and most secure operating system available. And finally, most virus makers tend to be familiar with the IBM platform and Microsoft Windows than MAC.


Luckily for us, you can find anti-virus versions released by major antivirus software specifically for MAC users. Considering that the demand for MAC is kind of minimal, antivirus companies normally charge upon downloads of MAC anti-virus. Until lately, a number of free anti-virus software was introduced in this marketplace such a PC Tools iAntivirus and Clamxav.

In case that you don t have anti-virus yet, look for free software application via the internet. Why buy something if you can have it absolutely for free? There are a lot of reliable anti-virus software companies that offer it for cost-free. But before being blinded with these, it is essential to know the capacity of any certain software to shield your computers. There won’t be any other considerations which could give you a reassurance than having protected from threatening viruses when it comes to your computers. Most free versions have limited attributes. For full editions, they usually require payment however they are accommodating enough to provide trial periods before buying.

Operating an online PC with your MAC can still bring in Windows viruses because it is imitating Microsoft Windows. It will be one scenario in which you must run an anti-virus program in it. Moreover, MAC may serve as carrier of viruses wherein, a virus could possibly be stored within the MAC without having the user realizing it. It could possibly infect the entire network or send infected emails to a Microsoft computer.

Reading through this article, one can possibly have a very good overview of how MAC is way distinct from Microsoft windows in working with your computer security. It lays down situations when can a MAC get a virus and also the most sensible precaution to do to avoid major computer damage.

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