By Stewart Wrighter

There is probably one room in the home that everyone must use daily, but often receives far less attention than any other, that is, the bathroom. In here, we often skimp on the decoration and make it look a little austere. However, we have to keep on using this day in and day out; it makes complete sense to lavish some extra care and attention on it so that we enjoy the experience more. For those who want to take a look at what is on over in the way of shower doors etc, try looking up ‘custom mirrors’ to find some companies which have plenty to offer.

Of course, the humble bathroom may be the place that we have to use when we are rushing off to work or school etc. But making this place a peaceful haven for those times when we need to relax is becoming increasingly popular. Adding artistic touches here and there is a great way to bring out a calming ambience and, for the parents in the family it makes it that one place where they can have some minutes of peace.

If the place is to be remodeled, people should try to get the best that they can afford. Not going for fad goods, like colored suites, is a good way to stop the dating effect that will surely happen when that color goes out of vogue. Better to go for neutral shades so that the rest of the room can take on color if necessary. This also adds value to the home as a whole too since any buyers will not have to remodel here if a colored suite is used.


Also, if the new suites look a little too avant garde, there are simple and clean lined suites available which will not date quickly.

Some modern suites have things like sinks which looks like a bowl placed on top of a cupboard. The plumbing is hidden so this really looks Zen like but the water will be drawn through hidden means. Even the glass tops with a gently dip in the center double as basins too and these look wonderful since the cupboard can be seen right through them.

Vanity cupboards come in all shapes and sizes but the favored ones right now are made from hard wood. The richness of this wood means that the pieces are virtually timeless and no other decoration is needed when the carved doors have all the detail that the room needs.

The ubiquitous double tub with whirlpool facility allows the room to be used as a spa and what better way to relax after a long day at work. Adding a green plant or two will bring the only touch of color that is needed and this will surely become a peaceful haven that everyone will love to use.

Finally, buying customized pieces is a good way to ensure that no one else will have a room like this. As long as t is not over the top, this should hold value in the home and may even increase it in the end.

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