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Looking to create a perpetual income through blogging?

What about a consistent $10,000 per month income?

The process and the methods are simple, but you must understand that in order for you to succeed in this endeavor you must keep a few a *key* points in mind.

1) Stop focusing on the money, and focus more on understanding, wisdom and insight.

2) Give more value back than the money you are receiving from people.

3) Give the people what they want and need, instead of what you want and need.


Now, those four simple key points above are what this entire article is about, so if you truly “get it” you can now leave this page… However, if you want the nitty gritty details then stay on here so you can learn more about what I’m talking about.

Truly smart people will stay on board because wisdom is ever growing.

Now, what you want to do when starting your blog is to FIRST pick a niche and ONE NICHE ONLY.

If you truly want to serve others you must pick a niche that only you are involved in. This is important for many reasons, and one of them is that you can become a true authority in just one niche by doing so.

People will come to look at you as the expert over an extended period of time (especially if you’re consistent) and your content will be shared, and more followers will come to you seeking advice, wisdom, and insight.

Here’s why this is important: You will begin to help massive hordes of people get closer to their dreams, goals, and desires more automatically, in a much more compelling way, and effortlessly as time passes by.

However, to truly do this you must start immediately right now by taking action today.

The results will not come overnight, but they will come the more you do this.

So, after you find out what your niche wants, and you create content daily (at least 5 times a week), and you keep emailing your list the content that they want, and your open rates increase over time, and you become an authority so you can sell more easily and effortlessly.

Because here’s why: After you bombard your audience with so much incredible value, and you truly take care of them, then inevitably you will truly get what you want (because you gave them what they wanted).

So, in order to do this you have to understand that the success will come before the money, and in order to have the success you must first be of value, and in order to be of value you must grow yourself consistently, and in order to grow yourself consistent you must first find out what your audience wants and then seek that knowledge through other experts, interview them and share that with your niche, and finally grow in wisdom, understanding, and insight.


It’s really simple to create results online, just remember to be of value first.

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