Submitted by: Tim F. Richardson

Part of the key to success of Belachan is the action of natural bacterial enzyme activity. Natural bacterial enzymes partially digest the whole proteins within the prawn and shrimp. The natural digestion turns the proteins into freely soluble peptides and amino acids. Free amino acids and peptides are feeding stimulants, attractants and enhancers that carp very easily detect in solution when released from bait!

Belachan is made using a totally natural process passed down from generation to generation using the heat of the sun! The whole proteins and other components of the shrimps, krill, crab or fish are pre-digested by the enzymes of micro-organisms. Natural fermentation is one of the biggest edges in refining and improving baits and bait substances in baits for carp, catfish and countless other fish! All the food groups including the proteins are pre-digested by micro-organisms and make the Belachan incredibly stimulatory and attractive to fish!

After the first period of fermentation the Belachan paste is then fermented a second time. The Belachan is dried, compressed and made into blocks for sale and wrapped in plastic to protect it from moisture! The fermentation of Belachan unlocks the nutritional factors and makes it irresistible to fish! Belachan and related forms can be produced naturally from krill, shrimps, crab or fish and have many regional differences in colour, form, taste, appearance and consistency!

Belachan is exceptional partially due to its salt content which enhances the free form amino acids, peptides and flavours it has developed and releases! Salt and amino acids are part of the key to success in carp and big catfish baits and in particular boilie success where solubility and release of amino acids etc is so vital to triggering feeding! Some fermented krill or shrimp products contain more protein and less salt and personally Id choose those with the highest protein content! Belachan containing the most protein is the very best to use in boilies, pastes, stick mixes etc!

The Belachan forms with most protein and lower salt are superior and contain higher levels of true feeding triggers! True feeding triggers include free form amino acids and mineral salts joined in some way to amino acids. Fish are very attracted to salt-enhanced amino acids so using Belachan in boilies, pastes, stick mixes and more really enhances bait performance! Belachan contains salt-enhanced amino acids which also enhance many natural flavours and additional flavours and enhancers used in carp and other baits!

The amino acids within fermented shrimp block and related products are very concentrated and highly water soluble. Soluble amino acids and salts within Belachan are easy for carp to detect! The combinations of Belachan and shrimp amino acids are highly representative of what carp and catfish senses evolved to be most sensitive to, within their aquatic environment. It makes absolute good sense to exploit vital natural stimulation of Belachan and Belachan-like products in any direct and related way you can, and by initially thinking about the exploiting of carp senses first (instead of bait brands and products first,) you will always have guaranteed great baits!

With a 60 to 70 percent protein content Belachan is a supreme naturally-stimulating additive for big carp and catfish baits! Why not experiment making your own liquid foods based upon Belachan! Why not think out of the box and use Belachan in unique ways beyond using powder or block in boilies and pastes; e.g. try making glugs and dips using it and soak your pellets in it! You might even blend your own fermented proteins with it, plus butyric acid and other organic acids and pure amino acids such as glutamic and aspartic acid etc!

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By Tim Richardson.

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