The Nokia X6 Blue providing a Contacts Bar for instant friends access


Dominic Burn

The Nokia X6 Blue comes with a Contacts Bar which allows the user to instantly access their friends and contacts and see their latest updates from social networking services such as Facebook. The handset has a large touch screen and a powerful camera for image and video capture along with a digital music player and other entertainment features.

The phone has the Nseries digital music player from Nokia which allows playlist creation, sorts tracks and provides an easy method of rack selection by artist, album or genre. Album artwork is also featured for easy reference to the right tracks. The Music application featured meanwhile, provides the user with unlimited free downloads from the Nokia Music Store to enjoy again and again. The extended battery life makes it possible to listen to music for longer either through the big-sounding integrated speakers or thorough the 3.5mm audio and TV out connection.


The X6 Blue has a stunning autofocus 5 megapixel camera enhanced with Carl Zeiss optic and capable of video recording at up to 30 frames per second. The phone features both a video and image editor respectively, allowing the user to have complete editing control of their masterpieces of photography and movie-making. To is also possible to mix in music form the music library and instantly upload photos and videos to favourite sharing websites or social networking places.

The user is able to browse the web in its entirety and enjoy both photos and videos with the large 3.2 inch touch made for scratch-resistant glass. The automatic orientation sensor (Accelerometer) makes it possible to switch between portrait and landscape by simply moving the handset around, and the Web and images are easily viewed through the simple finger touch controlling. When in landscape the phone can display in windscreen ratio, while in either orientation the impressive touch screen can display up to 16.7 million colours.

The phone has great connectivity with a micros’ connection for high speed USB 2.0 to a connected PC while it also offers Bluetooth 2.0 with Enhanced Data Rate for closer file, data and audio sharing. It also has support for Mobile Transfer Protocol (MTP) and the 3.5mm Nokia connector also provides a TV out (PAL) connection to enjoy videos on a bigger screen altogether. The Ovi Suite meanwhile allows easy PC synchronisation also.

The Nokia X6 Blue is a highly capable handset featuring an easy to use interface with touch control and on screen keypad for text input along with a stylish classic design. Meanwhile, it also has both a powerful music player and camera, along with its messaging features and web browsing capabilities through the fantastic display also.

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