byAlma Abell

May pet parents don’t realize that they need to take care of their pet’s teeth just as they do their own teeth. You need to brush your dog’s teeth every day and make sure that they are taken to the pet dentistry in Fort Wayne, Indiana on a regular basis for checkups and cleanings. If you give your dog regular home checkups and take them to the pet dentist on a regular basis, you should have no problems however. Below you will find some tips on how to do just that for your canine companion.

Do the Breath Test

Of course, you really don’t want to sniff your dog’s breath, as it never smells great, but you should at least try to keep an eye on it. If your dog’s breath is extremely offensive to you, and it is paired with a loss of appetite, vomiting, a severe thirst, or diarrhea, then you need to take him to the vet.

Play Lip Service to Your Animal


Once a week, you need to check your dog’s teeth and gums, for signs of swelling. Your pet’s gums should be pink, never white or red. You will want to get your dog to the Dupont Veterinary Clinic if notice signs of white or red gums as this can be a sign of something that needs to be taken care of.

What are the Signs?

There are a few signs that you will want to watch out for when you are checking your pet for oral diseases. These are as follows:

* Drooling excessively

* Gum inflammation

* Excessive bad breath

* Gum tumors

* Loose teeth

* And cyst under any part of the gums

These are signs that should be a cause for concern, and you need to make an appointment for your pet with the dentist right away.

Many pet owners just don’t realize that to take good care of your pet, you also need to take care of their teeth. From playing lip service to knowing the signs, you should follow the tips above. If you have any questions, contact your local vet for answers or a referral to a good pet dental practice.