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Making the Dream Come True

This is the story of James R. Speiser, a young veterinarian who had dreams and hopes that were about to go up in smoke. But when he met Sterling Management and took their management courses, his eyes opened up.

Twenty years ago a young veterinarian had all the hopes and dreams of a new business owner. After being in practice for 9 years, he worked 6 days a week and was not making much money for all the effort he was putting in. The thought of going to work gave him nightmares and he dreaded more and more getting up every morning, putting his coat on and making the detested trip to the office.

Then he received a promotion in the mail from Sterling. He figured he had nothing to lose since he could not conceive of how things could get much worse. When he spoke to their representative, she knew exactly what he was experiencing before he even told herall from the responses he gave her on a simple questionnaire that her filled out online. He knew something had to change and decided to see their seminar as a first step. The seminar addressed the exact thing that was occurring in his practice that was preventing him from getting paid for all of his effort and hard work. He couldn’t find the right employees and when thought he hired staff that were on the ball, they left again because they couldn’t handle the internal politics in the office. But now that he found Sterling he had hope!

From there things were changing. Sterling implemented its exclusive Personnel Management System to evaluate the staff and based on Sterling’s recommendation James was able to replace the staff that weren’t making the grade and hired instead energetic, productive and upbeat personnel. Sterling also put its Management by Statistic system in place which allows him to pay bonuses based on the productivity of the staff. Today he has one of the biggest veterinary practices in the state, housed in a 30,000 ft. building that he owns. He has 8 veterinarians that work for him. He works three days a week and makes nearly $4,000,000 in revenues. He has taken off an average of 2 months each year for the past six years to pursue personal interests outside of veterinary medicine while maintaining his specialty certification in the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners and having his practice continue to expand. He really enjoys veterinary medicinenow that he controls the practice instead of it controlling him! Even in this troubled economy, he is continuing to expand.

He is so thankful that he hooked up with Sterling. In fact, Sterling not only rehabilitated his practice, but also his dreams and goals. And they gave him the tools he needed so he could have the practice he always wanted!

If his story has hit home for you, do yourself a favor and call Sterling at 800-933-7538 or go to the website below for a free DVD and a no charge consultation.

About the Author: Peter Breyer is a writer for Sterling Management. It specializes in helping practices manage their staff for greater productivity and can help you hire the staff you need to succeed with your business. Go to

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