It is nice to know that more and more people are now encouraged to purchase long term care policies for their needs in the coming years. The initiatives and other programs developed by the government with the help of some private insurance providers are now paying off and people are now aware, not only of the benefits, but also of the other facts such as long term care costs by state and other pertinent facts in an LTC plan.

People are now informed of what they should consider and look for in an LTC policy. Included in these considerations are the three mandatory features that all LTC policies must have in order to be considered valid and authorized. First of these compulsory features is the so-called minimum daily benefit amount. This determines the price limit or quota of an insured person for every time he uses his policy benefits. Depending on the type of LTC policy that he has, he might be given reimbursement of the exact amount that he has incurred, or might also be given the whole amount of his price cap. But regardless of the plan type, he will be responsible of paying the remaining balance or any amount that will exceed his quota for the day.

The minimum benefit coverage period sets the duration or validity of a certain policy. Usually, an average length of stay in a nursing home facility lasts for three years. But for some cases wherein an individual’s health condition requires more medical care and treatment, he may try to apply for Medicaid benefits. He may be granted eligibility to its benefits given that he meets the set of requirements and standards.


Inflation protection, regarded as the most important of all LTC plan features, may also affect the long term care costs by state. It has the ability to adjust and make the value of certain policies updated according to the current costs of LTC services. The adjustment is automatic, regardless if the policy was originally acquired at a much cheaper price, years prior to the actual usage of the person’s plan benefits.

The levels of inflation protection are based on the age of an individual when he applied and purchased his LTC policy. Higher levels of inflation protection are given to those people who acquired policies at age 60 or younger. This is the reason why some insurance industry experts strongly suggests that LTC policies must be acquired when the person is still young, and has stable financial income to sustain the payment of his plan’s monthly premiums.

In order to get more accurate LTC insurance quotation, the person must provide truthful and important personal information like his real age, his health condition, his family’s medical background, if he smokes or not, and some other details that may be asked in order to generate LTC insurance plan quotations.

If an individual is still hesitant and might still need more information, the online LTC assessment tools provided by some private insurance companies’ websites may help them find out about long term care costs by state and other helpful facts that may get them purchase their own plans soon.

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A lot of Americans will surely need help with their failing health in the future; thus, long term care planning is a must these days. If you are hitting retirement or you simply want to protect yourself and your family’s welfare, it would be best to secure a long term care quote.Author: Graeme Harris