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Did you know that weed gummies are the most popular weed-infused edibles in Canada? A study in 2019 found that 48% of likely edible consumers would choose gummies. It’s not hard to see their appeal. The brightly coloured treats appeal to adults just like regular candy does to kids.

Most Canadians who use edibles choose them because they feel they are safer and easier to use than other ways of consuming cannabis. They’re also growing in popularity with medical users, who find them a safe and dependable way to get relief.

That’s especially true now thatweed gummiesare available to buy online. Rather than trying to make DIY edibles at home, you can now rely on the experts to craft good-quality gummies that offer incredible highs. But how do you choose between the countless gummies on the market?

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What to look for in a great edibleWhy so many Canadians are choosing ediblesHow to get the best out of your gummies

But first, you need to understand how weed-infused edibles affect you.

How Do Weed-Infused Edibles Work?

Weed gummies affect your body differently from smoking or vaping. When you smoke or vape, cannabinoids can pass straight from your lungs to your bloodstream. You’ll feel the effects almost immediately.

When you eat weed-infused edibles, the cannabis passes into your digestive system. From there, it’s metabolized by your liver before it eventually reaches your bloodstream. That means it takes a lot longer for the active cannabinoids—THC and CBD—to affect you.

Because it takes much longer for weed-infused edibles to affect you, it’s important not to go too hard too fast! Wait at least 90 minutes after taking your first dose to see if you feel any effects. It’s easy to overdo it on gummies, especially if you’re expecting an immediate high. Instead, wait it out and you’ll be rewarded.

People metabolizecannabis ediblesin very different ways. For some, a minimal dose (1-2mg) will leave them feeling pretty high. Others will need more than 20mg to feel any effect. Typically, 2.5–10mg is a suitable dose for most people.

Why People Love Weed Gummies ?

Gummies are one of the most popular ways to consume cannabis in Canada. Medical and recreational users are drawn to them for lots of reasons, including:

1.They’re DiscreetWeed gummies are one of the easiest and most discreet ways to get high. Unlike smoking, you don’t need to learn how to roll the perfect joint. And you don’t need to fork out for any accessories like vape pens, grinders, or bongs.

Instead, you can simply pop some gummies in your pocket and enjoy whenever the mood takes you. For medical users, gummies are easy to have on hand when you need relief from pain oranxietywhile on the go.

2.They’re Easy to DoseAll weed-infused edibles in Canada must come clearly labeled with their THC content. The THC content is written on the packet in milligrams (mg). The maximum serving size is 10mg, but that’s not necessarily the recommended serving for everyone.

If you’re new to weed gummies, try a 2.5mg or 5mg dose to start with. You can do this easily by splitting a gummy in half or quarters. Unlike smoking or vaping, you’ll know exactly how much you’ve taken. Getting the right dose of edibles is important, so pay attention.

3.They’re PredictableAnother benefit of weed gummies is that they’re very predictable. Of course, every brand will vary, so pay attention to the THC and CBD content of the gummies you’re buying. But if you find a brand you like, you can be reasonably sure you’ll have the same experience every time.

4.They Have Fewer RisksLots of people choose weed gummies because they don’t like the idea of smoking or vaping. That’s an understandable concern, and for those people, weed gummies can be a great choice.

Because edibles are ingested rather than inhaled, you avoid some of the unwanted chemicals that you inhale when smoking. This could be especially relevant for medical users, who may not want to smoke for various medical reasons.