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Ken Nowell

Day Trade To Win’s proprietary and powerful Atlas Line method is now available for NinjaTrader (Versions 6.5 and 7), Tradestation and eSignal.

If you re not already familiar with the Atlas Line, it is a great method that plots a line called the “Atlas Line” on your chart which signifies the trend of the market, entries into the market with exact signals, support and resistance, and breakouts into or out of the market one the line is penetrated.

The Atlas Line was created by price action trader and mentor, John Paul. What s unique about this method is that it can be applied to all markets, instruments, time zones and chart configurations. This robust filtering method can be used as a standalone solution or used in conjunction with other trading methods for entry confirmation.


The Atlas Line method produces real-time market behavior signals that can be used on any market, at any timeframe. Whether you are day trading the e-Mini S&P, the Euro, the Beijing, Crude Oil, Australian Dollar, the Atlas Line handles it all.

The Atlas Line is a robust and accurate method, offering a multitude of ways to utilize it, including:

Use the Atlas Line as a Scalping Method. Once price penetrates the Atlas line enter the market for a quick point.Use the Atlas Line as an added filter or confirmation when trading your own methods or strategies.

Currently, the Atlas Line is available in two forms:

A six-month license for $599

A lifetime license for $1800

With the purchase, you also receive a free private webinar with the creator, John Paul, explaining how to use the method.

Once the Atlas Line begins plotting, its users have an edge over other traders: advance knowledge of where the market is headed and how to respond.

Ken Newell has more than 15 years of experience in day trading. In this article he talks about Atlas Line and how to get started with Atlas Line. For more information visit

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Atlas Line from Day Trade To Win