Addiction The other side of cosmetic surgery


Angel Robert

Body dismorphic disorder (BDD) is often regarded as the syndrome to persons obsessed with aesthetic surgery in a continual process, weather they have a problem area or they don t. They just feel inferior and want changes. Normal people perhaps cannot relate to the anxiety but them who are suffering from this disorder often happen to lose their way of life with this, just like an alcoholic or a druggist.

The most commonly sought cosmetic surgeries in the UK in the recent time include Liposuction, Breast Augmentation, breast lift, mole removal procedures.


Liposuction – this is to contour one s body lines and there are some misconceptions attached to it. One is that it is regarded as a slimming tool, which is not wholly true. The sense is that liposuction is meant for removing subcutaneous fat and this will shape your body lines to some extent. Unlike the other kind of fat that is visceral fat subcutaneous fat is most likely to not respond to diet and exercise hence liposuction is often an obvious choice if one can afford it. Obsessed persons are often a regular in a number of Liposuction clinics in London. It isn t to be subjected to the patient always, where often this is also the case when the surgery won t be even up to realistic expectations and the past patient is just seeking a hopeful correction of her scars and unevenly contoured problem area. Newer technological advances like Vaser Liposuction and Smart lipo have evidently minimised the happening of unsatisfactory results. These new technologies can avail to liquefy the hard subcutaneous fat which specifies maximum removal till the deep layers of unwanted subcutaneous fat and meanwhile not damaging any surrounding tissue nerves or muscles and also keeping the essential fat cells residing in the folds of muscles intact. Vaser applies sound vibrations by means of ultrasound assisted liposuction and Smart lipo does the same thing by means of light radiation. These two technologies are the protagonists of the safety of liposuction, but there are a number of other procedures with a number of names.

Breast Augmentation This is still fresh in every ones memory when a famous breast implant manufacturer was found manufacturing poor implants which would rupture sooner than probable. It was also rumored that rupturing of breast implants inside the body and the gel silicone mixing with blood can cause breast cancer. And hence the silicone gel breast implants was further devised with saline filled implants which, even if ruptures would not cause any trouble if mixed with blood.

And this is the scene; often common beings are influenced with the flow of trends that provoke one over again to become increasingly unhappy of one self. This is the reason where it is widely advised to choose the expensive surgeon who s the most reputed in your state, if you don t have him in your state then travel to where he is, the point is, it is widely depreciated that you trust someone unwilling with the power over yourself with a life hanging procedure.

Addiction to cosmetic surgery is a psychological disorder that is given with often depression of oneself from her/his surroundings. This is a common case with women whereas men also suffer from involuntary aesthetic inferiorities. One such man problem is gynecomastia and chest fat or false gynecomastia. This is a genetic disorder where men are diagnosed with a supposed hormonal disorder wherein they develop breasts with mammary glands and tissue. The diagnosis of this disorder is still understudy and the imbalance of female primary hormones happen to stimulate exceeding male primary hormone as all kinds of hormones are present in the bodies of both sexes in their differentiated levels.

However unlikely this sounds, gynecomastia is a common disorder and men often go through a depression out of this. The surgery goes wrong when the gland is not completely removed. If there is no presence of glands then it is false gynecomastia which is more common with 3 out of 5 men having it. Especially over weighted people. Fat removal from chest surgery is performed via liposuction notably Vaser liposuction and gynecomastia surgery requires open excision that is the surgeon will make an incision in the patient s areaola and surgically remove the breast gland. The gland has to be removed completely otherwise it won t serve the purpose of your costs spent. Finding the right surgeon is still an expensive thing no doubt in the UK, but takes it the hard way, even the cheapest costs are not worth it.

This is a fresh assessment of various cosmetic surgery procedures likes vaser, liposuction,

vaser hi def

etc in the UK and the current influence of patient s. This is a wide topic and all the information provided here is gathered by face to face discussion with highly qualified genuine surgeons practicing in London. This study is based in London.

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